November 20, 2008

Myspacecore: An Introduction

This video, for "FreaXXX" by Brokencyde, has been all over the internet today. First, like everyone else, I thought it was ridiculous and terrible. But then I realized that it's really the best video, the video we deserve. This is what suburban housing developments and American Apparel and Web 2.0 hath wrought. THIS IS WHAT YOUR KIDS/YOUNGER SIBLINGS ARE LISTENING TO. It's also what they look like.

This type of music (by which I mean music created by this these kinds of kids) is part of the first wide-ranging musical/subcultural style born and bred on the Web 2.0 internet. It may not all sound alike, or even belong to the same genre (see: the "hip-hop" of 3oh!3, the Xtian screamo of The Devil Wears Prada, and Brokencyde's cross-genre clusterfuck) but the uniting factors are image and background, not genre. These kids all look the same, have the same post-post-ironic sense of humor (which strangely revolves around ghetto tropes), come from the same kinds of boring suburban towns, and have access to the means to create and promote their music (affluent parents and Myspace, respectively). This is music in the post-genre future. This is Myspacecore.


Anonymous said...

It makes me feel rotten and old inside...and I wont hit 30 until August. I am definitely not down with the sickness.

The Tyrant said...

I am bad at blogs and can't figure out how to contact you through this in any way other than a public comment, but I'm curious to see if I know you (I'm in Columbus) because I like the content you've posted. If you would, shoot me an e-mail at earthboundandgagged (at)

parallelliott said...

man, i love this. it's so meaningless. it begs for jihad.